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Can I still apply to be a member of an IAP Group even though the IAP deadline has passed?

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Can I still apply to be a member of an IAP Group even though the IAP deadline has passed? or IAP compensation as a member of a group?

Yes. Claimants in the Independent Assessment Process can apply to go through the process as a group if they share a common bond, such as being from the same community or having gone to the same residential school. If the group is admitted, it would receive contribution funding to support the group members, as they go through the IAP.

How it works

Each member of the group must first apply in the same way as any other claimant. Once everybody is admitted, the claimants must submit a Resolution Plan. The plan must:

An incorporated organization must manage the group's funding or the group must incorporate itself.

The funding may reach $3,500 for each group member. The group can use its funding for:

Each group needs a coordinator. He or she is responsible for organizing the support activities. Staff from the Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat will also help the group through the process.

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