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Efforts to reach claimants who suffered abuse at Indian Residential Schools and who cannot be located are being stepped up as the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) is winding down.


Hi, I’m Dan Shapiro

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Chief Adjudicator of the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat

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We administer the Independent Assessment Process

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which compensates former students for abuse suffered at Indian residential schools

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The Independent Assessment Process is winding down.

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If you or somebody you know has applied for compensation, under the Independent Assessment Process,

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time is running out to settle the claim. We expect to complete hearings by the spring of 2016.

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There are over four hundred claimants that we have not heard from for an extended time.

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We need to reach those individuals in order to resolve their claims.

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If you applied for compensation for abuse at a residential school and have not had your hearing yet,

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check the status of your claim, contact your lawyer or call our toll-free information line

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at 1-877-635-2648.

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If you have not heard from your lawyer in the last several months, call them or call our information line.

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If a friend or a family member has a claim that isn’t settle yet,

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encourage them to call to find the status of their claim.

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You can also get information on the internet at

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If you need emotional help, you can call the national crisis line at any time: 1-866-925-4419.

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As Chief adjudicator, I’m honored to help former students settle their claims and continue on their healing journey. Thank you.

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