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In the News - Archives: 2013-08

Below is a list of articles, with summary, about Indian residentials schools, the IAP and other related news.

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Residential schools museum opens at Ahtahkakoop

Published: August 27, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:


A museum retelling the abuse at Indian residential schools has opened at Ahtahkakoop First Nation west of Prince Albert.

It features videos of stories told by elders, artifacts donated by the Anglican Church, and paintings by a former residential school student Ken Lonechild.

Students from Sask. day school sue for abuse, “ethnocide”

Published: August 25, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: Leader Post


The students may have gone home at the end of each day, but a new lawsuit filed in Regina suggests aboriginal children who attended day schools suffered the same mistreatment as those in Indian residential schools.

And they too want compensation for enduring years of abuse as well as a loss of culture and language.

Abused and experimented on, Survivors of Canadian Indian school receive an apology from church

Published: August 16, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:



Survivors of an infamous dormitory school who were abused, subjected to medical experiments and put on starvation diets for several years after World War II, received a personal apology this week from the Presbyterian Church of Canada.

A recent study revealed that children at the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, and five other institutions, were unwitting subjects in medical and nutritional experiments.

In the 1940s and 1950s, researchers at Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Reisdential School, as well as five other dormitory schools, kept students on severely low diets, administering vitamins only to some to gauge the effectiveness of the supplements.

Vitamins and mineral supplements were new medical products at the time and scientists were keen to track their benefits to humans.

80 per cent of Kenora residential school students had TB

Published: August 19, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:


Residential school survivors in the Kenora area have more reason to question the quality of medical care they received at the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School.

In recent weeks archival documents have revealed nutritional, dental and medical experiments that took place at the school.

Now historical reports, just released by the federal government, show a disturbing rate of tuberculosis among the students.

Residential school healing program cut

Published: August 19, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: Northern News Services Online


Federal budget cuts have caused the Healing Drum Society to discontinue its intensive healing program for residential school survivors.

   The last public month-long healing program offered by the society, titled Embracing Our Human-Nest, ended Aug. 16 after treating roughly 1,000 clients since 2002. The society is losing about $1 million in funding every year - roughly half of its budget - meaning it will no longer offer the program even though nearly 200 people remain on the waiting list.

Dedication to a better future at C.J

Published: August 14, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: Media


A special ceremony at the site of the old C.J. residential school dedicates a park to the memory of former students. Speakers also talked about the importance of moving forward together.

As former students gathered at the old C.J. residential school, elders had some strong messages for politicians of all stripes.

Funding cut for Yellowknife residential schools healing program

Published: August 14, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:


A Yellowknife healing program created to help deal with the legacy of residential schools is closing its doors this week, possibly for the last time.

A program called Embracing Our Humanness has been running out of the Healing Drum in Yellowknife for a while now, courtesy of some federal government funding.

Church apologizes to Kenora residential school survivors

Published: August 15, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:


The Presbyterian Church issued a specific apology on Wednesday to former students of a residential school in Kenora, Ont., where medical and nutritional experiments had taken place.

Former students of the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School attended a commemorative gathering on Wednesday at a memorial where the church-run, government-funded facility once stood.

Glimpse of the outside world

Published: August 12, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: NWT News/North


 By the time Madeleine Qumuatuq was born in the mid-60s, one of her siblings had already been taken to residential school and five others would follow later.

   She remembers the sadness of seeing her brothers and sisters leave Pangnirtung but also the joy of them returning with stories of the unknown.

   At the time, her only other insight into the rest of Canada came from listening to CBC radio.

'Indian Residential Schools’ or ‘Settler Colonial Genocide’? Native group slams human rights museum over exhibit wording

Published: August 13, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: National Post


Aboriginal chiefs in Manitoba are angry that a Winnipeg museum has scratched the word “genocide” from an exhibition about Canada’s treatment of aboriginal.

The digital sign — meant to attract visitors to an exhibition at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights when it opens in 2014  — was at one point slated to label human rights violations against First Nations as genocide but the museum’s steering committee changed its mind after deciding “we’re not in the position to make declarations of genocide,” a spokeswoman said.

No new apology for residential school experiments

Published: August 09, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication:


The government will not issue a new apology after revelations that children in residential schools endured medical experiments, according to Conservative MP Greg Rickford.

Rickford's Kenora, Ont. riding is home to the former Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential school, where newly released documents show children were subjected to experimental treatment for ear infections, in addition to the nutrional and dental experiments recently highlighted by a food historian.

Treaty 8 Chief Kappo demands an apology

Published: 7-, 2013 - Added: 8-, 2013 - Publication: South Peace News


Treaty 8 Grand Chief Richard Kappo is demanding an apology and will settle for nothing less.

The recent news reports regarding experimentation that occurred within Indian Residential Schools has caused deep alarm and concern among the chiefs of Treaty 8.