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In the News - Archives: 2014-10

Below is a list of articles, with summary, about Indian residentials schools, the IAP and other related news.

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Sinclair issues challenge to help heal pain of schools

Published: October 30, 2014 - Added: October 31, 2014 - Publication: Winnipeg Free Press

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Justice Murray Sinclair, the head of a commission investigating the excesses of Indian Residential Schools, said on Thursday that a fundamental change in attitudes and recognition of the past were vital to heal the harm and alienation inflicted by more than a century of mistreatment.
In an address to several hundred spectators at the University of Manitoba’s Engineering and Technology Complex entitled "If You Think Truth is Hard, Reconciliation is Harder," he challenged everyone to help make the necessary change.

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Reconciliation is a long-term journey

Published: October 23, 2014 - Added: October 24, 2014 - Publication: The Brantford Espositor

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Rev. David Iverson took members of the Kiwanis Club of Grand River through the painful history of the native residential schools system.
"One of the most damaging tools of colonization was the Indian residential school system," said Iverson, a United Church minister who has spent 20 years working on the claims settlement process, who was the club's guest speaker Thursday at the Beckett Adult Leisure Centre.
"Reconciliation is a long-term journey," he said.
"It has taken a long time to get here and it will take a long time to fix it."

Catholic entities ‘discriminated’ against by TRC commissioner

Published: October 20, 2014 - Added: October 21, 2014 - Publication: Canadian Catholic News

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OTTAWA - A lawyer representing the Catholic entities involved in Indian residential schools has vehemently rejected criticism from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) head who has accused the Catholic Church of withholding documents.
Pierre Baribeau says commission chair Justice Murray Sinclair has unfairly targeted the Catholic entities.
“We have a feeling that we have been discriminated against by the TRC, compared to the way they have treated the other churches,” said Baribeau. “That’s a strong feeling, and it’s very unfortunate.”

Deadline looms on residential school-related education credits

Published: October 20, 2014 - Added: October 21, 2014 - Publication: CBC News

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Tens of thousands of former Indian residential school students could miss out on receiving an education credit if they don't get their application in soon.
The deadline is Oct. 31.
Former students are eligible for a $3,000 credit, paid directly to their school or cultural program of choice.
It's designed to cover tuition, school fees, books, or equipment.
(People with questions about the education credit can contact the Personal Credits Help Desk at 1-866-343-1858.)

Healing Garden planned to remember residential schools in St. Albert

Published: October 21, 2014 - Added: October 21, 2014 - Publication: CBC News

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More than five decades after the last residential school in St. Albert closed its doors, a new plan is in the works to remember the city’s sometimes-painful past.
Now, St. Albert United Church minister James Ravenscroft and well-known aboriginal activist Maggie Hodgson want to create ‘a healing garden’ to commemorate the children who were forced to attend the faith-based organizations.