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In the News - Archives: 2014-11

Below is a list of articles, with summary, about Indian residentials schools, the IAP and other related news.

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Residential school secretariat should reveal when it knew Ottawa suppressed police documents: MP

Published: November 19, 2014 - Added: November 19, 2014 - Publication: APTN


The body responsible for settling claims from Indian residential school survivors needs to come clean about when it knew federal government lawyers were supressing information about brutal abuse at a school in Fort Albany, Ont., says an NDP MP.
Charlie Angus, NDP MP for Timmins-James Bay, said the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat needs to come clean about what it new and when to protect the integrity of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement.

Labrador residential school claimants in court today

Published: November 18, 2014 - Added: November 19, 2014 - Publication: CBC News


Fred Andersen and other former students of residential schools in Labrador will be in court in St. John's Tuesday to fight for an apology and compensation from Ottawa.
Lawyers for the federal government deny it was responsible for schools located in St. Anthony, Cartwright, North West River, Nain and Makkovik that opened before the province joined Confederation in 1949.

Inside look: Human rights museum unveils 6 brand new galleries

Published: November 12, 2014 - Added: November 17, 2014 - Publication: CBCNews



All of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights' 11 galleries are now open to the public – revealing about 70 per cent more content for visitors.
Classifying residential schools as a genocide was a controversial topic last year, but Fitzhenry hopes people will visit the museum now that it’s fully open before they make a decision about the museum.
“We’ve deliberately positioned residential schools in with other mass atrocities and genocides because we really want people to discuss and explore the important question of whether or not Indian residential schools should be considered a genocide,” said Fitzhenry, adding the museum is focused on human rights itself as a goal and an aspiration. “We’re not memorializing or commemorating here.”

Local Indian Residential School Lawsuit Begins Next Week

Published: November 15, 2014 - Added: November 17, 2014 - Publication: VOCM


A lawsuit against the Canadian Government by some one thousand survivors of Indian Residential Schools in this province is expected to begin in Supreme Court this Tuesday.

New hope for First Nations: Goar

Published: November 17, 2014 - Added: November 17, 2014 - Publication: Toronto star


The former premier of the Northwest Territories has a mission. He is attempting to build a new partnership between First Nations and Canadians. He has already recruited senior statesmen, corporate executives, heads of non-profit organizations and church officials to work with indigenous leaders. They will take the next step when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission ends.

Residential School Lawsuit Beginning Against Federal Government

Published: November 14, 2014 - Added: November 17, 2014 - Publication: VOCM


The province's survivors of Indian Residential Schools will begin their lawsuit against the Canadian Government in court next week.


The case will be heard in Supreme Court in St. John's starting next Tuesday.