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Dans les médias - archives: 2015-07

Cette page contient une liste , ainsi qu'un sommaire, d'articles au sujets ayant trait aux pensionnats indiens, le PEI et autres sujets connexes.

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Failed negotiations on residential schools lawsuit "slap in the face": survivor

Publié: 15 Juillet 1930 - Ajouter: 31 Juillet 1930 - Publication: The Independent


Government’s failure to negotiate a settlement with residential school survivors from this province is discriminatory, says Labrador residential school survivor William Flowers. 

I understand that the mediation attempt, last week in the Labrador residential schools case, was a failure. 

Ottawa stalls justice for residential school survivors

Publié: 07 Septembre 2015 - Ajouter: 10 Juillet 2015 - Publication: The Star


Now that a month has passed with little critical or media outcry, it seems safe to say that the Ontario Superior Court judgment against the federal government in the case of Moose Factory’s Bishop Horden Residential School survivors went largely, and sadly, unnoticed.
The decision may seem at first glance merely procedural. However, it was another in a line of legal decisions recognizing that the government has acted in aggressive bad faith when dealing with issues of Indigenous child abuse by its own staff in the past, and institutionalized standards of child neglect in the present.

LSUC investigating rash of residential schools complaints against lawyers

Publié: 07 Juin 2015 - Ajouter: 06 Juillet 2015 - Publication: Law Times


Up to six lawyers may be appearing before the Law Society Tribunal in the near future as the regulator investigates 33 complaints related to settlements of Indian residential schools claims.
The information comes as the case against one lawyer got underway last week, but the numbers are down from a previous report that the Law Society of Upper Canada was investigating up to 10 lawyers.

Inuit, Nunavummiut claimants still lag in IAP applications

Publié: 07 Mars 2015 - Ajouter: 03 Juillet 2015 - Publication: Nunatsiaq online


As the Independent Assessment Process winds down, a federal secretariat is on the lookout for former residential school students with unresolved claims, including more than 200 Inuit applicants.
The IAP provides compensation to former students for serious abuse they suffered at residential schools, as part of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement — the largest class-action settlement in Canada’s history.

Lawyer accused of mishandling settlement funds of residential school survivors

Publié: 30 Juin 2015 - Ajouter: 02 Juillet 2015 - Publication: The Star


A Kenora, Ont., lawyer is facing professional misconduct charges over alleged mishandling of settlement funds for more than a dozen residential school survivors.
The Law Society of Upper Canada’s allegations against Douglas Jack Keshen, who has been retained for decades to represent First Nations, concern more than $100,000 of settlement money paid out to at least 17 victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse at residential schools.