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Dans les médias - archives: 2016-01

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Residential school survivors payments to top $3 billion

Publié: 18 Janvier 2016 - Ajouter: 18 Janvier 2016 - Publication: Saskatoon Star


Payments to 33,712 former students have totalled $2.935 billion since the process began eight years ago, according to the latest figures of the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat. The payments are made following hearings of the Independent Assessment Process (IAP). More than 89 per cent of IAP claims have been resolved.
IAP payments are distinct from the more than $1 billion awarded earlier through the more general Common Experience Payment (CEP).
North Battleford lawyer Eleanore Sunchild, who has represented scores of survivors through the IAP, said those who think the payments are excessive need to educate themselves about this dark chapter in Canadian history. The amounts given to those who suffered chronic sexual abuse didn’t even receive enough money to buy their own home.
Young noted the initial class action lawsuit was for $12-billion, and the IAP was a bargain. Students would likely receive less money, but would not be dragged through a lengthy court case as they aged and died off, he said.