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Dans les médias - archives: 2017-04

Cette page contient une liste , ainsi qu'un sommaire, d'articles au sujets ayant trait aux pensionnats indiens, le PEI et autres sujets connexes.

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Feds release 1,200 pages of blacked-out emails about abuse at St Anne residential school

Publié: 12 Avril 2017 - Ajouter: 18 Avril 2017 - Publication: The Star


The federal government is continuing to obstruct justice for the survivors of St. Anne’s residential school by “thumbing their nose” at the information commissioner and releasing 1,200 pages of almost entirely blacked-out documents, NDP MP Charlie Angus says.

Last week the justice department sent Angus’s office the first batch of some 70,000 pages of emails, speaking notes and memos related to the notorious residential school as part of an ongoing access to information request. The disclosure came after the federal information commissioner threatened to sue the government for originally refusing to disclose the documents.

But of those 1,200 pages, all but a handful have been stripped of any information beyond email addresses and the occasional emoji.

“This is clearly them thumbing their nose at the access to information law and the information commissioner who already threatened to take them to court,” Angus said.

Youths digest dark chapter in history

Publié: 15 Avril 2017 - Ajouter: 18 Avril 2017 - Publication: Chronicle Journal


Westmount Public School students listened, learned and asked profound questions as they discovered the horrors of residential schools.

Teacher Jaime Murdoch at the school says the more the children learn and become interested in history, the harder their questions become.

So Murdoch invited Tricia Logan, from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, to come and speak to her classes in Thunder Bay.

Both Murdoch and Logan used the 10-song, digital download album Secret Path, by Gord Downie, with a graphic novel by illustrator Jeff Lemire.

Sen. Lynn Beyak says silent majority supports her on residential schools

Publié: 05 Avril 2017 - Ajouter: 07 Avril 2017 - Publication: CTV News

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OTTAWA -- Conservative Sen. Lynn Beyak says her party's decision to sanction her for comments about Canada's residential school history amounts to a threat to freedom of speech.

In a statement released Thursday, Beyak -- who was removed Wednesday from the Senate committee on Aboriginal Peoples -- says political correctness is "stifling opinion and thoughtful conversation."

She also says a silent majority of Canadians agree with what she said -- that there were "good deeds" and other positive elements that emerged from the country's residential school system.