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Ottawa spent $2.3M on court battles with St. Anne s Indian residential school survivors

Publication: CBC News - Sept  20, 2018

The federal government spent $2.3 million over the past five years in court battles with survivors from a notorious residential school in northern Ontario, according to information released by Justice Canada.

"It adds to the question why the government would go to such lengths to deny rights for claimants who suffered some of the most horrific sexual abuse and torture ever documented in Canada," said NDP MP Charlie Angus.

The figure was released by Justice Canada in response to an order paper question submitted by Angus. His Timmins-James Bay riding includes Fort Albany, a community along the James Bay coast that was home to St. Anne's Indian Residential School. 

Sept  21, 2018

Feds spent more than $2.3-million fighting claims by survivors of most notorious residential school

Publication: The Globe and Mail - Sept  20, 2018

The federal government has spent more than $2.3-million over the past five years fighting legal cases related to the claims for compensation lodged by survivors of one of the country’s most notorious residential schools.

The amount was disclosed in an answer to a question put to the government by New Democrat MP Charlie Angus, whose northern Ontario riding includes Fort Albany where St. Anne’s Residential School was operated by a Roman Catholic order between 1904 and 1973.

According to the federal response, the federal departments of Justice and and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada spent $2,313,944.52 between Jan. 1, 2013, and May 9, 2018, to handle settled cases, deal with requests for direction and take part in proceedings where former students of the school went to court to fight for compensation under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.

Sept  21, 2018

Christie Blatchford: Judge, lawyer in bizarre ‘bare knuckles’ legal battle over residential school payments

Publication: National Post - Sept  11, 2018

In the immortal words of Jerry and Kramer on the late, great Seinfeld show, “Cat fight!!”

But this scrap is even less likely than the boys’ own dream of two women slapping one another until they end up, well, near-naked.

This is between an Ontario Superior Court judge who is one of two senior judges who supervise and administer the massive Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the largest class action suit in Canadian history, and the lawyer who is the “Chief Adjudicator” of the independent assessment process, or IAP.

Sept  12, 2018

60s Scoop survivors not happy with national settlement suing government on their own

Publication: APTN News - Sept  06, 2018

Some Indigenous adoptees are channeling their anger about the national ’60s Scoop settlement into lawsuits against the Canadian government.

“I hope others opt out and they can join me,” said Angelina Gosselin, who was raised in a series of foster homes in British Columbia.

Gosselin, who is an RCMP officer in the lower mainland in B.C., filed a lawsuit this summer for loss of identity, culture and – plainly speaking – her childhood.

“(I) was removed from several foster homes due to the unspeakable abuse,” she said.

Sept  06, 2018