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Traditional ceremonies welcome appointment of new Judge to the Ontario Court of Justice

Publication: Kenoradailyminerandnews.com - 11 juillet 2019
Lien: http://www.kenoradailyminerandnews.com/news/local-news/traditional-ceremonies-welcome-appointment-of-new-judge-to-the-ontario-court-of-justice

The legal community celebrated the achievements of one of their own with the official swearing-in of Justice Evelyn Baxter as a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice at Kenora Court House, Monday, July 8.

The ceremony proceeded according to Ontario court protocols with traditional blessings in recognition of Justice Baxter’s Anishnawbe heritage. Baxter, a member of Marten Falls First Nation, is the third Indigenous person to be appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice in 2019.

Justice Baxter’s more than 30 year career as a lawyer includes 10 years as adjudicator for the Indian Residential Schools Survivors Independent Assessment Process. She had also served as legal advisor to Nishnawbe Aski Nation, executive director of NAN Legal Aid in Thunder Bay and chair of the Chiefs of Ontario National Assembly.

12 juillet 2019

Warm welcome for Justice Baxter

Publication: Dryden Now - 09 juillet 2019
Lien: http://www.drydennow.com/local/warm-welcome-for-justice-baxter

Superior Court in Kenora held a special session yesterday, as it welcomed Justice Evelyn Baxter of Marten Falls.

Special guests for the occasion were Lise Maisoneuve, chief justice for the Ontario Court of Justice, as well as Paul Boniferro, the province's deputy Attorney General....

...Justice Evelyn J Baxter has extensive legal experience:

  • 10 years as an adjudicator with the Independent Assessment Process, the federal tribunal adjudicating cases involving former students of Indian Residential Schools.

11 juillet 2019

BC woman loses bid to sue for negligence in residential school sex assault

Publication: Victoria News - 08 juillet 2019
Lien: http://www.vicnews.com/news/b-c-woman-loses-bid-to-sue-for-negligence-in-residential-school-sex-assault/

A B.C. woman who was sexually assaulted on a school bus while attending a residential school has lost her opportunity to sue for damages with B.C.’s Court of Appeal.

In a judgement released Friday, a three-judge panel at B.C.’s Court of Appeals said the woman would not be awarded damages because there was no negligence on the part of the school bus driver....

...The woman, who is not named, made her claim thought the Independent Assessment Process (IAP), which was established to handle claims of serious physical, sexual or emotional abuse suffered at Indian Residential Schools. Claims are handled by adjudicators.

09 juillet 2019