Publications | Independent Assessment Process (IAP) Fact Sheets

Independent Assessment Process (IAP) Hearing

  • Claimants can choose the location of their hearing
    • Hearings can be in the claimant’s community or outside the community
    • The IAP is not a court process and the IAP hearing is not held in a court room
  • Hearings are private and closed to the public
  • Claimants have the right to have support persons attend the hearing; the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat will pay for up to two support persons, as well as an elder or religious person
  • Claimants can request to have an interpreter at their IAP hearing at no cost to them
  • Can begin with a traditional ceremony, a prayer or song
  • Claimants can take breaks as needed
  • An opportunity for the claimant to tell their story
  • The claimant will not have to come face-to-face with the person they have accused of abusing them
  • The Adjudicator (decision maker) is the only person who can ask the claimant questions

For more information please call the IAP information Line 1-877-635-2648