Publications | Independent Assessment Process (IAP) Fact Sheets

Independent Assessment Process (IAP) Information Line 1-877-635-2648

Former students of Indian Residential Schools who have questions about the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) or about their IAP claim can call the IAP Info-Line at 1-877-635-2648. There is no charge to call this number.

The IAP Info-Line can assist former students to better understand the IAP and how their claims proceed in it. These services are available in English and French as well as Cree.

IAP Info-Line staff can:

  • Give information on the general status of a claimant’s IAP file
  • Help answer general questions about the IAP
  • Refer claimants to relevant agencies and programs
  • Make referrals to a law society if legal advice is sought by the claimant
  • Transfer claimants call to 24-hour crisis counselling
  • Transfer self-represented claimants’ call to IAP Support Officers
  • Help claimants understand letters they have received from the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat
  • Help claimants provide additional information for their claims
  • For represented claimants, transfer calls to their lawyer
  • Give information on the stage of the IAP the claimant’s file is in, and respond to the claimant’s questions on next steps
  • Arrange to mail standard general IAP information sheets to claimants
  • Give information to claimants about the services they can expect from their lawyer throughout the process, as well as information about changing their lawyers
  • Give information on the Group IAP
  • Transfer calls to the Group IAP unit

Updated August 2013