Oversight Committee Minutes | May 13, 2008 - Conference Call


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May 13, 2008 - Conference Call


Name Organization Fonction
Mayo Moran   Chair
James Ehmann Church Representative  
David Iverson Church Representative  
Len Marchand Claimant’s Counsel  
Luc Dumont Government of Canada Representative  
Rosemarie Kuptana Inuit Representative  
William Wuttunee Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Representative  
Dan Ish   Chief Adjudicator
Jeffery Hutchinson IAP Adjudication Secretariat  
Irene Fraser IAP Adjudication Secretariat Recorder
  1. There will be 49 interviews for adjudicator positions. Eight of the 49 are set aside in the Aboriginal category. Interviews will likely be held in Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ottawa.
  2. There will be two interviews for Deputy Chief. They will be held on May 27th in Ottawa.
  3. The payment of invoices by the Finance Unit is slow. Certain contracts and invoices which have been held up will be paid up to April 30 by May 16.

Length of call: One hour and 15 minutes.