IAP Application

The IAP application deadline passed on September 19, 2012. At this time, there are still some applications where the Secretariat requires additional information to determine claim eligibility.

All claimants must complete and sign an application form.

The Secretariat will use the information you give in the Application Form to:

  • decide if your claim fits within this Independent Assessment Process;
  • decide which processes and rules apply to your claim;
  • research your attendance at the school(s) and to find documents relating to your claim; and,
  • help the Adjudicator ask you questions about your residential school abuse and how that abuse has affected your life.

What if I sent in my application on September 19, 2012 but it was not received at the IAP offices until a few days later?

As long as your application is postmarked or electronically dated by 11:59 on September 19, 2012, it will be considered.

Do all of the documents have to be submitted by September 19, 2012 in order for my application to be considered?

No, you do not have to submit all your documents by September 19. By submitting just an application before the deadline of September 19, it will be considered received into the IAP.

If it is incomplete, the Secretariat will contact you about any missing information. Other documents related to your claim can be submitted at a later date. If you are contacted by the Secretariat about your application please read all correspondence carefully and if you require clarification, speak to your lawyer, a client support officer or call the IAP info line at 1-866-879-4913.

My application was sent just a few days after the deadline. Will it be considered?

No. Applications must be postmarked no later than September 19, 2012, to be considered.

What will happen if I apply after the deadline?

If your application is postmarked after the application deadline, we cannot accept it. We will send you a letter saying that your application has not been accepted.

Will you return my application if it is not accepted?

We cannot return original documents. However, on request we will provide you with a copy of the documents you submitted.

If I apply after the deadline, will you tell me if I have an eligible IAP claim?

No. We do not review applications postmarked after the application deadline.

Can I appeal to the Chief Adjudicator?

If your application is not accepted because it was postmarked after the deadline, the Chief Adjudicator cannot hear your appeal.

What other options do I have to get compensation for my residential school experience? Can I sue?

We cannot give legal advice. You should consult a lawyer to discuss the options that may be available to you.

Application Guide