Your Claimant Support Officer

The Secretariat ensures you have support throughout the claims process. You are assigned a Claimant Support Officer to assist you through the process. Your Claimant Support Officer is knowledgeable about the IAP and will ensure you are well-informed about the progress of your claim, the requirements for a successful claim and the health supports available while your claim is being resolved. He or she will also ensure you receive personalized support and are treated with respect and dignity.

Your Claimant Support Officer is also your single point of contact if you choose not to hire a lawyer. He or she will work with you from the time your claim is admitted right through to the decision.

Other duties your Claimant Support Officer may perform if you do not have a lawyer include:

  • seeking more information to help your application get admitted
  • ensuring your claim is processed in the same timeframe as claims for claimants with lawyers
  • working with others in the Secretariat to prepare your claim for the hearing
  • ensuring you understand the process, the roles of the parties and all the letters you receive
  • collecting and paying for all mandatory documents
  • preparing you for your hearing and assisting with any work that needs to be done after the hearing

You will not meet face-to-face with your Claimant Support Officer. The work to prepare the claim and to prepare you for the IAP hearing will be done over the phone and by mail. Further, your Claimant Support Officer will not attend your hearing. Consider hiring a lawyer if you feel you need this type of support in person.