Developing a Future Care Plan

Some claimants will require future care to deal with the effects of the abuse they suffered at a residential school. If you need future care, you will need to prepare a future care plan to present at your hearing. You would have indicated if you require future care when you first completed your IAP application.

To get started on preparing a future care plan, your Claimant Support Officer can provide you with some examples of future care plans. Your lawyer, if you have one, will also be very knowledgeable and will work with you in preparing one.

Examples of future care activities could be:

  • counseling sessions
  • treatment for substance abuse
  • traditional healing, such as attending sweats or talking circles

Other costs that could be covered in a future care plan include: travel costs, session costs, treatment costs, honoraria or gifts (such as tobacco for Elders).To prepare one, list all of the activities you would like to pursue in the future care plan, and an estimate of the cost.

In preparing your future care plan, remember that in deciding whether to award you future care the adjudicator will consider:

  • the effects the abuse had on you
  • treatment you’ve already had
  • whether travel is required to get the treatment
  • whether other funding sources can pay all or some of the treatment
  • whether you have shown a genuine need for the treatment and a genuine desire to complete the treatment