Admissions Process

Under the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, IRSAS is responsible for deciding whether applications can be admitted to the IAP. During the admissions process, the Secretariat carefully reviews your application to determine if it meets the criteria for admission set out in the Settlement Agreement:

  • You have provided all of the mandatory information;
  • You are eligible to submit an IAP claim;
  • The claim contains one or more allegations which, if proven, constitute a “continuing claim”; and,
  • You have signed the application.

If your application does not contain all of the information required for admission to the IAP, or if you have not signed the application, the Secretariat will request additional information before making a final decision on admission.

When more information is required, the Secretariat will send you a letter requesting the missing information. You must provide all of the requested information within 60 calendar days from the date you receive the written notice. In some cases, if you require more than 60 days to provide the missing information, an extension can be granted.

If your application is admitted to the IAP, the Secretariat will assign a claim number to the file and notify you in writing. The Secretariat also notifies the Government of Canada and the identified church entity or entities that the claim has been admitted to the IAP.

If your claim is ineligible, the Secretariat will notify you in writing. The letter will explain the reasons why your claim has not been admitted to the IAP, outline your options, and indicate the steps that you must take if you want to appeal the decision.

You will have 180 days from the date of the non-admit letter to provide additional information which could make your claim eligible for the IAP. If the Secretariat does not receive a response within the 180 days, the non-admit decision will stand and no further information will be accepted.

Upon request, the Chief Adjudicator will review any final decision to non-admit an application into the IAP, and may confirm or reverse the admissions decision.

Review of Decisions