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Ottawa refusing to turn over documents 3 St. Anne's residential school survivors need, says lawyer

Publication: CBC News - Feb  10, 2020

The federal government is refusing to turn over uncensored documents to three residential school survivors who need the files to determine whether they should seek to reopen their compensation cases, according to their lawyer. 

All three had their compensation cases heard before Canada was ordered in 2014 to disclose thousands of documents detailing abuse at St. Anne's residential school, which was in Fort Albany, along Ontario's James Bay coast.

The three survivors, who are identified as S-20774, T-00185 and S-16753 in records, are seeking unredacted persons of interest reports (POIs) — files itemizing allegations of abuse against individuals at the schools. 

The survivors need the documents to decide whether they should go to court and have their compensation cases reopened, according to their Ottawa-based lawyer Fay Brunning.

Feb  11, 2020

Woman denied settlement for sexual assault on way to residential school because she wasn't yet a student

Publication: CBC News - Jan  20, 2020

Therese Keenatch died at 60, two weeks after her residential school compensation claim was first rejected on grounds she wasn't technically a student when she was sexually assaulted by a federal employee on the way to a Saskatchewan residential school.

Her daughter, June Keenatch, took up the case after her mother's 2015 death and continued the fight all the way to the B.C. Supreme Court where she faced Justice Canada's lawyers.

Federal lawyers argued that her mother did not qualify for compensation because she hadn't been officially admitted at the school at the time of the assault and the federal employee was also not technically connected to a residential school — though he claimed to take children to the institutions.

Justice Brenda Brown sided with Ottawa and dismissed the case in a ruling delivered on Jan. 9.

Jan  21, 2020

Woman who says she was raped at 15 on way to Sask. residential school denied settlement for 4th time

Publication: CBC News - Jan  20, 2020

A woman who alleges she was raped at age 15 while being transported to a residential school in Saskatchewan has had her settlement claim rejected for a fourth time — a case Ontario New Democrat MP Charlie Angus says highlights major gaps in the settlement agreement for survivors.

She says the man sexually assaulted her while they were on their way to the school.

Last week, a B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled her claim falls outside the scope of the agreement, because the woman was not yet enrolled at residential school at the time of the alleged sexual assault, and because the accused was not an employee of the school. She further noted the alleged assault did not happen on school property.

Jan  21, 2020

Ted Hughes, B.C.s first conflict-of-interest commissioner, dead at 92

Publication: CBC News - Jan  19, 2020

Ted Hughes, B.C.'s first conflict of interest commissioner who also led more than a dozen public inquiries on issues from child protection to sexual discrimination in the justice system, died on Friday, Jan. 17.

Hughes served as B.C.'s first conflict of interest commissioner, from 1990 to 1997, and also served as chief adjudicator for an alternative dispute resolution process involving survivors of abuse in Canada's residential school system from 2003 to 2008. He also served as conflict of interest commissioner for the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Jan  20, 2020

Vaughn Palmer: A few words from Ted Hughes could end a politician s career

Publication: Vancouver Sun - Jan  19, 2020

VICTORIA — When I heard that Ted Hughes had passed away Friday after a brief illness, I thought back almost 30 years, to the day when I sat in a room at the legislature with other reporters, reading his findings on Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

Jan  20, 2020

Les Leyne: Ted Hughes, the heart and eyes of B.C.

Publication: Times Colonist - Jan  19, 2020

Apart from the astonishing resumé, the dramatic historical moments he created and the immense reputation he developed, I flashed back on one thing when word of Ted Hughes’ death broke.

Jan  20, 2020

Ted Hughes, who tackled B.C.s toughest problems, dies at age 92

Publication: Times Colonist - Jan  18, 2020

Ted Hughes, B.C.’s first conflict-of-interest commissioner, whose report led to the resignation of Bill Vander Zalm as premier, died Friday in Victoria at the age of 92.

Hughes also led an overhaul of B.C.’s child-welfare system and served as chief adjudicator for a dispute resolution process involving survivors of Canada’s residential school system.

Jan  20, 2020

Ottawa eyes meaningful resolution to Indian hospitals class action lawsuit

Publication: CBC News - Jan  14, 2020

The federal government has consented to the certification of a proposed $1.1 billion class action lawsuit filed over Indian hospitals federally run medical facilities that saw the abuse and mistreatment of Indigenous patients over several decades.

The Federal Court is scheduled to hold a certification hearing on the proposed class action lawsuit on Jan. 22, according to court files.

Jan  14, 2020

What you need to know about filing an Indian day schools settlement claim

Publication: CBC News - Jan  13, 2020

Thousands of former students who suffered harms while attending federally operated Indian day schools are now able to submit claims for compensation.

The claims process began Jan. 13 for the long-awaited nationwide settlement, which offers former students a range of compensation between $10,000 and $200,000, based on abuse suffered. Former students have two and a half years to submit their claims.

The claim form is available online. Former students can request copies sent by mail by calling 1-888-221-2898.

Jan  14, 2020