Notices to Counsel

Notice to Counsel: Desk Guide for Legal Counsel updated; New Features for Interactive File Management System

August 18, 2014

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that an updated version of the Desk Guide for Legal Counsel is now available on the IRSAS website. The Desk Guide is designed to provide counsel working in the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) with information and guidance on specific issues arising in the IAP. Throughout the guide we have highlighted key points or issues that will affect the length of time it will take a claim to be ready for a hearing. There are also many contacts for assistance throughout the Guide.

The revised Desk Guide also includes information about the Interactive File Management System (IFMS). IFMS is an online tool which allows counsel to share information with the Secretariat about the status of client files in the IAP. IAP practitioners can also use to the IFMS to provide their availability for hearing dates.

We are pleased to introduce two new features to the IFMS Booking and Availability tool based on feedback from users. Counsel can now view all scheduled teleconferences and hearing dates on a calendar in one location. In addition, the availability function has been improved so that counsel can enter availability in week and month blocks as well as entering it on a daily basis.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Desk Guide and provide any feedback that can assist us in improving it. Send us your comments by e-mail at:

If you don’t already have an IFMS account or require assistance accessing the tool, please contact the IFMS Help Desk at, or call 1-877-739-8935.