Oversight Committee Minutes | August 2, 2007 - Winnipeg, Manitoba


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August 2, 2007 - Winnipeg, Manitoba


Name Organization Fonction
Len Marchand Claimant’s Counsel Representative Chair
Rev. David Iverson Church Representative  
Bill Percy Claimant’s Counsel Representative  
James Ward IRSRC  
Jeffery Hutchinson IRSRC  
Rosemarie Kuptana Inuit Representative  
Ted Hughes   Chief Adjudicator
Monique Bond IAP Secretariat Recorder
  1. Admission of files the IAP:

    There was a discussion on issues related to the intake and admission of files in the IAP process.

  2. Approval of Minutes

    Minutes of June 14, 2007 were approved subject to minor changes:

    1. Page 2:
      • Under “Aboriginal Adjudicators” the words “at least” were added between “the ideal would be to reach” and “25%”.
      • Under Item 5, the words “low end physical abuse” were replaced with “persistent physical abuse”

    The minutes of July 10. 2007, were approved without amendment

  3. Approval of Agenda

    Two matters were added to the agenda:

    1. Jim Ehmann’s nomination as the Oversight Committee representative for the Roman Catholic Church entities.
    2. A discussion of the approval/adoption of CARG policies and decisions by the Oversight Committee (this matter was added but not actually discussed in detail)
  4. Chief Adjudicator RFP

    The screening of the Chief Adjudicator applications is scheduled for August 3, 8:30, in Winnipeg. Interviews will be held September 4 and 5 (tentative). The goal is to have a signed contract by September 12. There is a need to develop interview questions (see models at tab 6 of binder provided by Monique Bond).

  5. Update on Deputy Chief RFP
    1. Closing of RFP – Tuesday, August 7th
    2. Screening August 16, 17 in Vancouver
    3. Interviews to be scheduled (4 candidates for each region)
    4. Goal of contracts by September 30
    5. Questions to be developed
  6. Update on Adjudicators RFP
    1. RFP not posted.
    2. Monique Bond to advise as soon as posted.
    3. Notice of process sent to Law Schools, Law Societies, Indigenous Bar, Canadian Bar
    4. Will be open 25 days, not 40 as previously reported
    5. Recommendation to Oversight Committee targeted for end of October, contracts for early November, training week of November 19th.
    6. All parties encouraged to try to stay flexible in terms of availability for interview dates
  7. Update on IAP Plans
    1. IAP application package was provided for review. Several comments were offered for consideration:
      • Len Marchand suggested that IAP application needs to be reviewed for plain language drafting, although recognized that time until Implementation leaves little opportunity.
      • Len Marchand suggested that version of application be available as soon after August 20 as possible (should be addressed at next meeting)
      • Len Marchand suggested that electronic version be developed as quickly as possible and released as soon as possible.
      • pamphlets (tab 5) to be reviewed and comments provided to Monique Bond prior to next meeting.
      • list provided of other pamphlets under consideration by IAP Secretariat
    2. Efforts at staffing continue
    3. Further thought being given to staff presence in the north – will report back next meeting
    4. Changes to Winnipeg hearing centre going forward with design being developed. Design work so far has been excellent. Approvals being sought to move forward with refit of hearing space.
  8. Update on Focus Groups – Montreal (June 18-20, 2007) and Vancouver (July 18-20, 2007)
    1. Focus groups were the result of a joint partnership between the IAP Secretariat, the TRC and the NRSSS. The focus groups were held to seek input from stakeholders to develop a plan for implementation of the IAP and TRC. There were approximately 200 former students who participated, including the National Chief (Edmonton)
    2. Four themes emerged from the sessions:
      • The need to enhancing claimant supports in the IAP process
      • Addressing claimant needs in the preparation for IAP hearings
      • Development of Hearing Centres
      • Making the IAP application form & Guide easier to use
    3. A report will be produced based on the focus group sessions. The IAP Secretariat is also preparing a comprehensive communication strategy.
    4. Former students will continue to play an important role in the shaping of IAP implementation.
  9. Other matters:
    1. LOO3 – hoping most are settled through negotiations
    2. It was suggested that rules will need to be developed and discussed for calculating top ups, including situations where more than one applies.
    3. A request was made that Canada provide to counsel list of claimants where “grid” top up applies
    4. Issues regarding top ups will be discussed more fully at next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned 6:20pm