Assessment and Screening Criteria Tool (ASCT) for Group Independent Assessment Process (Group IAP)

The criteria used to screen and assess proposals for Group Independent Assessment Process (Group IAP) will focus on the following:

  • Whether the organization/group meets all the eligibility requirements outlined in the approved Group IAP Terms and Conditions (refer to Eligibility and to the Application Eligibility Requirements section of the Assessment Grid).
  • Whether the organization/group has the capacity and experience to successfully deliver a proposal that promotes and affects the healing and reconciliation of former residential school students and/or their families and/or community members (refer to section A of the Assessment Grid)
  • Whether the organization/group has demonstrated an understanding of the issues, priorities and requirements of the Contribution Funding Program (refer to section B of the Assessment Grid).
  • Whether the organization/group has outlined a culturally appropriate approach to delivering the proposed project (refer to section C of the Assessment Grid).
  • Whether the estimated project budget is suitable, and the project represents good value for money (refer to section D of the Evaluation Grid).

Assessment Grid

Screening Criteria

1 - Complete Proposal
Eligibility Requirements YES NO
1.1- The completed proposal was received no later than the stated closing date/time for the Group IAP Call For Proposals    
1.2- The Proposal was signed by the legally authorized representative(s) of the organization    
1.3- All required documents are attached to the Proposal:
  • A completed Application Form
  • A completed Budget Details Template
  • Completed consent forms confirming Group members consent
2 - Eligible Recipient
Eligibility Requirements YES NO
2.1- The Application for Funding was submitted by an eligible contribution recipient – all eligible Group members have been admitted to the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) as determined by the approved Group IAP Terms and Conditions    
2.2- The applicant (organization/group) is established, with evident decision-making capacity as provided in the application.    
2.3 – The applicant has provided a valid incorporation number, and date incorporated.    
2.4 – The applicant has provided the names of the individuals in their organization/group that have legal authority to sign agreements, cheques, payment claims and reports. A specimen of their signatures and indication of how many signatures and in what combinations has been provided.    
3 - Eligible Proposals
Eligibility Requirements YES NO
3.1 – The proposal is developed based on consultation with group members    
3.2 – The proposal addresses the identified goals focusing on one or both of the following GROUP IAP objectives:
  • To affect healing by helping former residential school students who have been admitted to the IAP who share similar experiences (school, community, issues) to support each other in their journey towards healing and reconciliation
  • Empowers individuals by giving them access to tools and resources to develop, enhance and strengthen relationships between former students, their families, their communities, and with other Canadians in support of healing and reconciliation during the IAP and/or after their IAP hearing.
3.3 - The proposal is completed in the indicated one fiscal year (between the 1st of April to 31st of March) and has a maximum duration of 12 months    
3.4 - The amount of funding requested is no more than the total of the maximum eligible amount per group eligible member    
3.5 - The activities named in the proposal should not qualify for funds from other federal government departments and/or agencies. Any other funding from a Government of Canada department for the same activities must be identified in the primary Group IAP proposal for contribution funding.    


1. The application must meet all eligibility requirements above in order to be considered for funding. Failure to meet any of the above criteria may result in the rejection of the applicaton.
2. Selection of proposals to fund may be based on the geographic location of the group to ensure the Groups are representative of the demographics and locations of the claimant population.

Rated Assessment Criteria
A. Organizational Capacity Max Score % of Total
A1. Capacity: The applicant demonstrates its financial and organizational stability 10 10%
A2. Experience in Delivering Similar Activities and Achieving Positive Results: Past projects, programs and/or services and their achievements demonstrate that the applicant has experience successfully delivering projects. 10 10%
A3. Group Member Engagement: The proposal provides information on how long the group has been together and how decisions are made (example: members vote and all members have to agree or consensus or decision is made by majority). 10 10%
Total - Organizational Capacity /30 30%
B. Proposal Relevance Max Score % of Total
B1. Understanding of Group’s Needs and Priorities: The proposal must:
  • Describe the Group’s mandate; AND
  • Describe clear and relevant activities related to current and future needs of the Group members
10 10%
B2. Activities: All activities must include clear and achievable objectives which should be described in terms of quantifiable and measurable goals to be achieved through the proposal.
  • The proposal must be S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related); AND
  • All activities must be clearly stated, appropriate for the scope of the proposal, linked to GROUP IAP objectives, and within the control/influence of the applicant to achieve
10 10%
Total - Proposal Relevance /20 20%
C. Plan to Manage the Proposal Max Score % of Total
C1. Implementation Plan: The proposal must include a detailed Resolution Healing Activities Plan with appropriate and realistic milestones. Activities must be appropriate in scope, and clearly linked to the mandate of the Group and at least one of the objectives of GROUP IAP. Timelines must be clearly established and feasible. 15 20%
C2. Expected Results: The proposal must include plans/activities on how expected results will be achieved. The results must be measurable and clearly linked to project activities and at least one of the GROUP IAP program objectives. The applicant must describe a suitable plan to monitor achievement of results and adjust work plans as required. All proposed activities should support healing and/or reconciliation. 15 15%
Total - Plan to Manage the Proposal /30 30%
D. Budget Max Score % of Total
D1. Eligible and Reasonable Proposal Costs: The proposal costs are eligible, itemized and reasonable and support the proposal activities either directly or indirectly. (To be assessed against the Budget Detail template) 15 15%
D2. Financial Management Processes and Controls: The proposal must demonstrate that sound and reasonable administrative and financial management processes are in place to manage proposal budget including adequate financial controls (e.g. good bookkeeping procedures, and signing authorities). 5 5%
Total - Budget /20 20%

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