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Statement by Chief Adjudicator Dan Shapiro, on the decision by Supreme Court of Canada on the disposition of Independent Assessment Process (IAP) Records

October 27, 2016

The Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat believes that the IAP is a private and confidential process. Our adjudicators gave claimants assurances that we would protect their records. As Chief Adjudicator, I will continue to guard the confidentiality of IAP records.

I believe that claimants in the IAP must control the stories of their experiences at residential school. We have always supported the right of claimants to preserve their testimony and share it in any archive of their choosing. However, unless a claimant specifically consents to their records being archived, in order to protect claimants’ confidentiality, documents created and collected in the IAP should be destroyed when they are no longer needed in the IAP.

We understand that this is a complex case that involves significant points of law, and we look forward to presenting our arguments to the Supreme Court in this important case.