Notices to Counsel

Claimant Hearing Preferences form update

December 20, 2010

Major revisions to the RFH and the LR form effective immediately.

The former Claimant Hearing Preferences form has been replaced by the new form, "Logistical Requirements for hearings in the Independent Assessment Process (IAP)."

Logistical Requirements for hearings in the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) form

This new form will capture relevant information about your claimant's needs and preferences, in order to help us to provide the most comfortable hearing possible. The information you provide under the new process will ensure accurate and up to date information so that we request the information from your office only once, reducing the need for follow-up contacts to your office from the Secretariat.

The new Logistical Requirements form has been updated and redesigned to include only essential logistical information needed to arrange the claimant's hearing.

Request for Hearing form (RFH)

The revised RFH form will no longer request your preferences regarding a negotiated settlement with Canada (NSP). Counsel are now asked to send their request for a NSP directly to Canada's representatives. Contact information for Canada's NSP teams is provided on the new RFH form.

Please continue to send the RFH form, along with your complete mandatory document submission, to Document Management at the following address: (please see below for mail and courier addresses).

All other information in order to set the hearing such as travel arrangements, ceremonies, elders, or support people will be captured by the new Logistical Requirements form.


Previously, claimant preferences were provided at the time of application to the IAP and confirmed at the time the RFH form was submitted. Often by the time mandatory documents were collected and the hearing was set, the information was out of date, requiring multiple follow ups with your office and resulting in changes to hearing arrangements that had already been made. The new Logistical Requirements form is intended to streamline and minimize the time spent by your firm and the Hearing unit in this process to ensure your claimants hearing needs are met.

The new Logistical Requirements form will be required from your office six (6) weeks prior to the hearing date. This will ensure that the information submitted by your firm is collected only once, and the details are up to date and accurate at the time the Hearing unit arranges the logistics for the hearing. Please send the new form directly to the Hearings unit generic account:, or in hard copy as follows:


IAPS Document Management
Post Office Box 1575, Stn "B"
Ottawa, ON K1P 0A9


IAPS Document Management
Concourse Level, room 003
90 Sparks St
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H4

Please delete and destroy any previous versions of these forms you may have, and going forward please use only the revised forms located here.

Take the time to fill out the forms completely with your clients to avoid unnecessary follow-ups and delays and to ensure your claimants' needs are met.

As this process is implemented, the Secretariat will provide your office periodic reminders in our communications with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat if you have questions or concerns with these new process changes. We appreciate your cooperation to ensure a smoother process and the best hearing possible for your client.