Notices to Counsel

Accessing CPP documents

June 26, 2013

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) records are extremely important in support of Independent Assessment Process (IAP) claims.

We have consulted with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) to determine the fastest and most efficient way to access Canada Pension Plan Statement of Contributions and Employment History documents. HRSDC has told us that the Department requires certain key pieces of information, sent to a specific HRSDC office, before they can release the documents that your client may require for his or her IAP claim.

In order to prevent delays in accessing CPP documents, the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat has taken the initiative and developed a template letter and authorization form to assist counsel with requests for these CPP documents. The letter and form are attached and are available on the IAP Decisions Database, under the “General Information” Tab. We encourage you to use these documents when requesting CPP documents from HRSDC, as they have been reviewed by HRSDC, and should minimize any delays.

We encourage all claimant counsel to submit CPP records in support of all IAP claims in which opportunity loss is claimed.

Click here to download the documents.

CPP Authorization

CPP Document Request Letter