Notices to Counsel

Claimant Substitution Policy – FAQ

January 6, 2014

When can I propose a substitution?

The best time to propose a substitution is at the same time that a postponement or cancellation is requested. Send these requests to Substitutions can be proposed anytime before the arrangements have been cancelled, provided that it is still two weeks before the hearing.

Can I propose a substitution even though I don’t currently have an Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) account?

An EDI account can be issued to you and set up very quickly. To request the account, e-mail

My client requires a travel advance or air travel. Can they still be used as the substitute claimant?

The Secretariat is not able to arrange for travel advances or air travel for the substituted hearings. If you’re able to make the arrangements yourself, your client may still be able to be the substitute claimant. To be reimbursed, all expenses must be approved by the Secretariat prior to the hearing date.

How do I get pre-approval for travel arrangements I am making for my client?

Submit your plan to at least two weeks before the hearing date. Include a breakdown of all anticipated costs: estimated air travel, kilometers driven, cabs, accommodations, and number of meals to be claimed. Plans will be approved according to the Travel Directive

How do I get reimbursed for travel arrangements I made?

After the hearing, you will submit a travel expense claim to the Secretariat in the usual manner. Claimant and support persons’ expenses will reimbursed according to the Travel Directive, providing they were approved by the Secretariat prior to the hearing. Note that the expenses associated with travel to hearings are reimbursed by the Secretariat, and not by Canada in the disbursements.

January 6, 2014