Notices to Counsel

Update to Request for Hearing form

January 24, 2014

In an effort to improve our ability to offer claimants the most comfortable and effective hearing possible, the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat has updated the “Request for Hearing in the Independent Assessment Process” (Request for Hearing) form.

This newest version of the form adds an additional field to the Claimant Hearing Preferences section regarding the need for an interpreter. This is meant to allow legal counsel to inform us about a claimant’s need for an interpreter, earlier in the process, before other logistical information about the hearing is confirmed. This will allow Hearings Management staff a ‘headstart’ in arranging for a suitable interpreter to be available for your client.

Please download the new version of the Request for Hearing form, and discard earlier versions of the form that you may have downloaded or copied.

As a reminder, in order to ensure the most efficient processing of your claim, a fully completed Request for Hearing form should be submitted with your full mandatory document submission, after all document collection has been completed.

January 24, 2014