Notices to Counsel

School Narratives now being provided via the IAP Decisions Database

April 8, 2015

Please be advised that as of April 7, 2015, the Secretariat will use the Decisions Database to provide the IAP School Narratives for all claims in the IAP. Providing the School Narratives via the Decisions Database enables counsel and adjudicators to have access at all times to the most updated versions of the School Narratives and avoids the unnecessary use of time and bandwidth to transmit narratives via EDI.

Please note that as a result, the Secretariat will no longer be distributing school narratives as part of the evidentiary packages produced prior to a hearing. Claimant counsel who do not have an account for the IAP Decisions Database can send a new account request complete with name, email address, and phone number to

Counsel will be advised of updated school narratives posted to the Decisions Database through Notices to Counsel, available on the IAP website.

The IAP Decisions Database is accessible only to lawyers representing parties in active IAP proceedings for the purposes of providing representation to such parties in respect of such proceedings. The Secretariat will continue to ensure that self-represented claimants have access to the School Narratives for their claim.

For assistance with downloading the School Narratives please contact the Crawford Help Desk at or 1-877-739-8935.