Notices to Counsel

Electronic Document Interchange now used for Decision Review Process

April 22, 2015

In an effort to ensure complete dissemination of information and to reduce the risk of ex parte communications during the Decision Review process, the use of the Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) for this process has been approved by the Oversight Committee.

Claimant Counsel and Canada should now send their Decision Review requests and submissions simultaneously to the Secretariat and to each other via EDI. This will ensure that the involved parties will receive the same materials at the same time.

Please review this document for detailed instructions on how to use EDI for Decision Reviews: Using EDI for Decisions Reviews – A Guide for Claimant Counsel

Please note that the EDI is not a communication tool, but rather a tool specifically for the secure transmission of materials such as Decision Review requests and submissions. Please continue to use email correspondence for general inquiries, such as a request for the status of a Decision Review.

All Claimant Counsel with active IAP files should now have an EDI account. If you represent an active IAP claim and do not have an EDI account, and you would like to request one please email your request to

Download Guide to Using EDI for Decision Reviews (.pdf version)