Notices to Self Represented Claimants

Improvements in Interpretation Services at IAP hearings

December 9, 2014

The Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat (IRSAS) has introduced changes to improve the quality of interpretation at Independent Assessment Process (IAP) hearings.

Hearing participants, especially claimants and adjudicators, rely on interpretation by experienced interpreters. Interpreters provide objective, accurate, and reliable interpretation services during IAP hearings. IRSAS is responsible for providing interpreters during hearings.

The Secretariat has developed new training and resource material for interpreters and adjudicators. This will help improve hearings for claimants who require an interpreter. The following documents are available on the Secretariat’s website:

If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact your Support Officer. Hard-copies can be mailed to you if you would like to review these documents.

The performance of interpreters will be evaluated based on feedback from adjudicators, claimants, Regional Health Support Workers (RHSWs) and others involved in the hearing process. In some cases, interpreters who receive poor evaluations may be removed from our roster, and will no longer be asked to provide services. Please forward any questions or concerns regarding interpreters to the Interpreter Liaison as noted below.

If you wish to recommend an interpreter for the roster, please contact the Interpreter Liaison at, and submit a written summary of the interpreter’s work experience.

The qualifications of all interpreters will be assessed by IRSAS before they are added to the roster of interpreters used at hearings.

Requesting an interpreter

In order to ensure that accurate interpretation services are provided to claimants at their hearings, the Adjudication Secretariat requires eight to ten weeks notice to identify the language and dialect requirements.

If you are helping a claimant prepare for a hearing, and you want to request an interpreter, please contact the claimant’s Client Support Officer. You can also contact the Secretariat directly using the information provided below.

Interpreters must be neutral. An interpreter cannot be a relative or a close friend of a claimant or anyone else involved in the hearing. This could place the interpreter in a situation where they have a conflict of interest. If an interpreter knows the claimant, they may not be neutral. This is why the adjudicator asks the interpreter before the hearing if they are related to they claimant, or if they know the claimant.

Contact information and links:

For further information or questions regarding interpretation at IAP hearings, please contact the Interpreter Liaison.

Interpreter Liaison email account:

Interpreter Liaison contact phone number: 1-877-635-2648

Notice to counsel on Interpreters (Dec 8, 2014)

Date: Dec 8, 2014