Notices to Counsel

Mandatory Document Submission via Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

December 5, 2014

The Secretariat is pleased to announce that as of December 8, 2014, we will be accepting the submission of mandatory documents for evidentiary packages electronically via Electronic Document Interchange (EDI). In addition, we will now accept mandatory documents as you receive them – you are no longer required to collect all mandatory documents before submitting them to the Secretariat.

In order to ensure secure transmission of mandatory documents, EDI will replace email as the electronic method for document submission. Please note that mandatory documents can still be submitted by mail; however, mandatory documents sent in by email will no longer be accepted.

Please consult the Best Practices for Submitting Mandatory Document via Electronic Document Interchange for information on how to submit documents by EDI.

On December 8, 2014 you will receive an email with an account name and password for your EDI account, with a guide on how to use EDI and best practices for submitting documents via EDI.

We have issued individual accounts to all IAP Claimant Counsel. If you wish to centralize the submission of mandatory documents for all counsel in your law firm through one account, please let us know by contacting Select the account that you will use to submit mandatory documents for all IAP claims that your firm is acting on, and we will de-activate any accounts that you do not wish to use for sending mandatory documents or for the receipt of evidentiary packages.

If you already have an EDI account, you will not be issued a new account and you can continue using your existing account. All documents should be sent to “Document Management”.

For EDI account assistance please contact the Crawford Help Desk at: